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This is just to say

This is just to say:
I’ve just e
ALL the Mingles
in the box
behind the TV
-which you don’t like
because of the wooden smell-
Forgive me
they tasted so creamy
and I felt so pampered
and rotten spoiled!

This is my version of the poem by Williams Carlos Williams: This is just to say. You can follow this link and read his original poem as well as the “reply” to it…really sweet!

I was tagged by Reisiger to do a shopping list from certain items and where I usually buy it…well, I’ve done a mosaic instead and you will have to click on the mosaic to see what’s on there…and also from which shops I sometimes buy…and what brands etc… I’m quite sure the images are self explainable…

Doritos, my other favourite

This top is a special top…it’s got some sequence on it and I just love the fabric it’s made of and..it’s my favourite colour!  Please click on the image – and zoom in – to have a clear view of it! I’ve bought it at a shop in Sutton. Sutton has got a big shopping centre, called St Nicholas. On the pictures that follow, you can see some really nice South African goodies! I’ve bought these at the South African shop at London Bridge… and they are some of my favourites! You can even buy the Aromat from Tesco’s now. Do try it if you haven’t… I love it in salad and on baked potato! Yum! Oh dear, I will have to go again, as my mouth is watering for that Fanta Grape!!

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image: buy-fineart.com

I used to collect cow-sculptures in South Africa …they were so cute, they didn’t look like this sculpture in this image, but this one is just as cute…cows are characters in many children’s stories/songs..and if you’ve forgotten about “Old MacDonald’s farm”… here’s the Youtube video to refresh your mind..hehe… and do you know the Children’s Classic…”Moomin”!…We used to have a cow on the farm — well, we actually had many, but “Makkie” was a special cow. She LOVED lemons! When we were around, she made her way to the nearest lemon tree – there were three near the kraal – and stood there mooing like mad! –Eilandkind, if you read here…congratulations on your birthday today!!!



“Cow jumped over the moon” –http://www.art.co.uk


“Moo moo” from –http://www.art.co.uk

Image: gimmecorn.com…this looks almost like our “Makkie” hehe..asking for lemons!

When I was little, we called these cows…foxterrier cows!! hehehe…

On this link they show you how to draw a cow…

This is one of my jars with cows…bought in South Africa…and brought with me all the way here! I love them, but couldn’t bring them all….wonder if you can still buy them in shops there!

Image: http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/graphics/photos/
Cattle dipping was great fun on the farm…those tiny little calves…were always so cute when swimming from the one end to the other!

Image: http://home.swipnet.se/mooamp/wallpapers/ …on this site you can get some wallpapers

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