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In school this week, we’re having an Arts-week. Children were put in mixed groups and they all have different activities/projects they’re working on. Friday will be the “Grand Finale”…after school. It all starts when a bunch of Aliens…Y5’s from a nearby Primary school, come to “invade” the school! And …this is the group I’m working with, together with other adults from our Department. Sixth Formers (A-level students), with Drama as their subject, are  sort of  leading the small groups in our Alien group, but you know what children are like…although they’re Sixth Formers, they are still “children”…and chidren are children! Sometimes things don’t go the way you want it and then that’s when you have to take control….that’s why you see these net-“baskets”, all painted in blue/red on my washing line, this very moment I’m writing this post, they’re there, busy drying! painted with my wonderful Heritage fabric paint…all the way from South Africa! brought by Mitchell last year….after my special request! 😉  These baskets were all white, and were meant to be purple…but now they’re blue and red! and, they’re going to be the worn by twelve of the thirty “aliens”. We’ve got actually 34 of them…they will be wearing different costumes as we’ve thought that they will be coming from “different planets” to invade the school! Enjoy day one/two of our project and I will add more pics as the week goes…also, at the end of this post, there’s a Word document with an alien template for you to download…

Day 1: Design some costumes/Aliens…



Y5’s busy doing their bit…day 1

Day 2…the making of the costumes…eyes to go on the net-basket-costumes…one of the hardworking girls!

Masks……yellow painted gloves…another group

Alien-clothes…another group

painting…painting…painting…hardworking children!

hmmm…. who else will do it if the adults don’t “take control”….. 😉

I like these red ones!! must be because red is one of my favourite colours!! These are Alien-costumes, believe it or not…hopefully we’ll see the final results by Friday!

Do you believe in Aliens? Do you believe in ghosts? sometimes you see pictures of people taken at various parts of the world and they all look so “real”. What’s your opinion, can one believe them? Are they trying to fool us? And what IF…what if it IS real?

Among countless stars, is Earth the only planet blessed with life? Is this some miracle by chance, never to be reproduced on another world? In 399 B.C., the great philosopher Socrates was accused of not believing in the gods in which the state believed. He was tried and found guilty of corrupting Athenian youth and religious heresy. He was sentenced and put to death by the use of a poison he chose to ingest. Galileo was warned not to defend Copernican Astronomy because it went against the doctrine of the church. In 1616, the Roman Catholic Church demanded that Galileo stop teaching the theory that the sun was at the center of the cosmos and everything revolved around it. The belief at that time was that the Earth was the center and the sun -and everything else – revolved around the Earth. Galileo was eventually hauled before the Catholic Inquisition and condemned to house arrest, for life. After 10 years, he died while still under house arrest. We know today of course, that Galileo was indeed -more or less – correct. Thoughout history people have been unjustly ridiculed, harassed, and even severely punished for their views and ideas that didn’t seem to quite fit in with the current socially accepted beliefs. Read more on this link….and decide what you think!

This video is about how to make your own goo! Enjoy! We’re going to make some for our Alien project!

Alien-artsweek-update: Day 3

Alien arms/hands…extra pair of arms for one group…

Alien masks….

The Friendly Alien-“bodies”…still not finished…

Alien-crown of one group…the Alien-groups have a “mission” ….

Cutting of wings…hardworking Y7-girl…

Wings spray-painted…silver as you can see….

This is completely a different group…they practised something outside with their musical instruments…we were just curious and watched them through the window, we’re not sure what they’re going to do, as all groups’ activities are sort of a “secret” to the others…

Please click on Alientemplate to download it and to print it off in a Word document.

Lunch in the Space Ship! One group turned the A-level room into a Space Ship for the invasion and we’ve had some fun today in this Space Ship…!

Space Ship pic a little posterized…

….and another Space Ship pic!

One of many….”alien”-friends…I guess you know to whom our “friend”  was speaking to by the look of her face ….and this is also a posterized pic…

The Alien groups…rehearsing…20 minutes before the Grand Finale!

Two lovely A-level students, took the lead during the week…

…after the Alien-invastion…the band was ready to start playing while more pupils and parents join the night’s activities…

And…my feet are up! for the rest of the weekend…!!

This is a newspaper clipping from a newspaper for kids….”First News” and it was on the front page…date of the newspaper: 25th October 2007 –  Issue 76

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