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England foiled in victory bid
Eurosport – Mon, 14 Jul 17:41:00 2008

South Africa frustrated England’s attempts to force a result on the final day of the first Test at Lord’s with more stubborn defence on a somnolent pitch to earn a draw. Read the entire article here:

Mooi man! Volgende een seker ‘n wen! Great South Africa…we want victory!

I love cricket! We used to play it a lot on the farm during holidays when there were big family gatherings….that’s during December hols…I had one uncle that was really good at cricket and in his younger days he played really well, I think he played for a province, I will have to make sure about that one again…but he was really good, he could hit a ball with a bat that you would have to ask Noah if he’d seen it!
UPDATE …2nd Test South Africa vs England

Image: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com
England’s Kevin Pietersen (actually…South Africa’s Kevin Pietersen playing for England….hehehe) congratulates South Africa’s Graeme Smith after the match Cricket – npower Second Test – Day Four – England v South Africa – Headingley — South Africa beat England with 10 wickets on Monday.

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