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I’ve started to read this book…believe it or not…it was the last time reprinted in 1952! outdated hey…yes, but very interesting… written by Edmund Curtis… hard cover in dark green…no pic on the front cover to scan…looks quite boring …but think it’s going to be my reading whilst travelling on the Underground for the next couple of weeks…the contents page…chapter one starts from the origins to AD 800 and chapter 20 ends with…”From Parnell to the treaty…1891-1922″… a bit more than 400 pages!…wish me luck! lol…my last book with so many pages was “The Kin” with about 600+ pages…
HERE to read about “The Kin” by Dickinson, Peter.

Read HERE on Wikipedia more about Ireland….keep your eye on this post as it’s not finished yet…

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The MTel Masters Chess tournament is taking place in Sofia…capital of Bulgaria…read HERE about the city, Sofia on my blog and see who are the players – six of them – taking part in this tournament. In the two videos here, you can see how they play football, dressed in blue. Then you can see how the glass box was built. This glass box is where the players sit, it has one way glass….the public can watch them, but the players can’t see the public! It was specially assembled for this tournament in the Military building in Sofia.



 Chess game 30….This is one of my own games…it lasted only for 8 moves! I played black and my opponent resigned when he realised his Queen was trapped…please click weather vs. Nikita1HERE to play through the game. It will open in a new window. This game has shown me how easy it is to get your Queen trapped by moving it too early in a game.

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