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Mbeki’s behaviour ‘shocking’
12/05/2008 09:30 – (SA)
Dear Editor,

I am astounded by the continued denialism and lack of determination displayed by President Thabo Mbeki to solve problems facing South Africa and Africa as a whole, particularly Zimbabwe.

His latest escapades to Zimbabwe to hold hands with Mugabe whilst Mugabe’s henchman terrorise the opposition supporters is nothing short of support for a tyrant and his inhumane activities.

My 10 questions to Mbeki are:

1. Is it okay to turn a blind eye to human rights violations purely on the grounds that because you do not see it with your own eyes it is not happening (in Zimbabwe in particular)?

2. Is it okay to say that Zimbabweans must find their own solutions knowing that this cannot happen whilst Mugabe “illegally” hangs onto power using force to hammer opposition supporters into submission?

3. Is it okay to get rid of the best crime fighting unit in the country because of flawed decisions by the ANC, which has a number of convicted and suspected criminals on it’s NEC?

4. Is it okay for you to only apologise for the lack of planning and good governance, which caused the electricity mayhem?

5. Is it okay for Eskom to continue supplying neighbouring countries with electricity at cheaper rates than to citizens of South Africa?

6. Is it okay to allow your government ministers to tell blatant lies and for them to deny it? There are numerous examples of this so I don’t think that you can also deny that this is happening.

7. Is it okay to allow “suspected criminals” to hold high office whilst there are very good reasons to suspect that they are guilty of corruption?

8. Is it okay for the police force to be so ineffective whilst crime, especially violent crime, continues to escalate?

9. Is it okay to let “Travelgate” members of parliament off the hook with barely a slap on the wrist?

10. Is it okay to be a president who seems to turn a blind eye to serious problems facing Africa, which invariably culminates in South Africa having to bear the consequences of fleeing refugees?

Mr President, if you can’t handle the job, please resign.

Cape Town

Source: news24.com/News24/MyNews24/Letters/0,,2-2127-2129_2320635,00.html

Snow on the Drakensberg Mountains…Image: News24.com

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