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In this game I’ve thought that I had really a cool game! Very early in this game I was in really big trouble…if you look at black’s position after move 13. I made a desperate attack on his King, to prevent a checkmate! and by my Bishop-move…in move 14, I could relief my King from that pressure, but now my King was exposed! but at least not in checkmate…Knowing wat was coming..I moved my King with move 21 to F1. In move 38…my lovely Knight-to-the rescue…and I count myself lucky with move 42…to capture his Knight. From move 51 and on… I could have done better, but at least I had some Pawns left and pushed through with one Pawn. With black’s move in move 58, I sacrificed one Rook in order to prevent his Pawn from promotion as I knew that I was still safe with my Pawns left…with black’s move in 62….was just what I wanted! and I could finish the game in a very slow Rook/King @ lonely King… this opponent is rated much higher than I am and that’s why I’ve thought that was really cool play on my side….to recover from a early heart attack, my poor King… he’s now back from intensive care and all is well with him! hehehe…click on this link to play through the game…it will open in a new window.
Earl from the chess site sent me this quote when I commented on this game: Nimzovitch once said, regarding one of his games, “[My opponent] now succumbs to a very pretty attack (I would say this even if the game were played by my worst enemy, so why not when it’s me?).”
This is also a game played on Chess World…and I think you’ve noticed that I played white again in this game…

Nikita1 vs. sirlancelot08

The Rooks/Queens game!

This next game was really a very tough game..and one of my longest games on the site…my longest game was 107 moves and you can view the game HERE on my blogger site…not only was it a long game, but also a game we started in July 2007! My opponent was a slow mover, but was also on holiday a few times. If you look at the image, you will see why I call it the Rooks/Queens’ game… I don’t want to elaborate on the game as you will see how tense this game was near to the end before my opponent resigned when you play through the game. Please click on the link and it will open in a new window. In this game my opponent’s rating was also about 300+ higher than mine. I played white in this game.

Nikita1 vs. jammywel



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