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Heb elkaar lief
en als dat niet gaat,
laat dan tenminste de ander
in zijn recht !

J. Wolfgang von Goethe

I came across this site-link where senior people are active and blog about what they want to blog…and I found this site quite cute…Ida has got some quotes, poems etc on her blog and of course… I love reading it! I love reading anything in Afrikaans..of course!!! but then also Dutch and Flemish. On the chess site I always like the Dutch players to write me messages in their language as I love to learn more about the language. I have in particular three Dutch players always writing only in Dutch. One of them has asked me to write in Afrikaans as he wants to learn more about Afrikaans…and he was quite surprised in the beginning to know that the two languages are very much the same and that he could understand the messages 100%. He gave me a Dutch dictionary-link…“Vandale”…but must say… only used it for one word so far and even he had to explain it more in detail as the dictionary didn’t “recognise” it…lol… one word that was “new” to me in Dutch…was the word “doei”…which means…- in slang – bye…My grandad – on my mum’s side – is from Holland and I would like to go one day and visit his place of birth, which is in the North Brabant Province in Holland. If you want to learn the Dutch language or the Afrikaans language…there are links on the blog roll that says..”Educational blogs”.

Afrikaans is an Indo-European language, derived from Dutch and classified as Low Franconian Germanic. Read on THIS LINK more about it…and at the bottom of THIS LINK you can see vocabulary comparison-table…where about 20 words from 20 different languages in this family-group – including English – are compared.

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I hope you all have a good weekend!! I’m that chicken in the image! …..and here’s a very short chess game, chess game 27…. to play through. I think in this game there are also only 27 moves!.. I played black in this game. The reason why I blog this game…you will see early on how easy it is to get your rook captured! I don’t like to use my Queen early in a chess game. I believe to develop the back pieces slowly before moving my Queen…you can also see how fast I had to get her back in safety, as she was threatened a few times…she was even trapped in that corner and I even sacrificed other pieces to save her at one point! and once again..like I said before…my dearest Knight… made my opponent resigning this game. My opponent has beaten me up in two other games! So, I really think this was just my luck! Some people can’t have it all! hehehe…Click on the link and the game will open in a new window.

juliethered vs. Nikita1

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