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Ek was deur Skoor gevra om drie inskrywings van my blog te kies wat ek baie van hou, so, hier is hulle. Die eerste inskrywing is van ‘n plek wat ek nog nie besoek het nie: Die Noord-Wes gedeelte van ons land. ‘n Baie goeie vriendin van my het daar gebly en so ver ek weet het sy nog familie daar: Pofadder. 

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Klik Hier vir Onseepkans, Pofadder, Springbok.

Image: ww.sleeping-out.co.za

The Augrabies Falls National Park is also in that area – see the red star on the map…click HERE to visit the South African National Parks website linked to the Augrabies Falls Park and other National Parks too, of cours. The word “Augrabies” is derived from the Khoi word which means…”noisy one”… 

Augrabies Falls

About 120 km west of Upington, in a barren and desolate land of sand, scrub and rock, the broad Orange River plunges through a massive canyon in a sudden and dramatic sequence of rapids and cascades. The waters descend through the ravine to breach the main gorge. Here, the Augrabies waterfalls drop, sheer at first and then in a misty tumble of cataracts, to the turbulent, rock-enclosed pool 200 m below.

The Augrabies Falls are without doubt the most impressive waterfalls along the Orange River and are located approximately 120 km downstream of Upington. The falls occur at a point where the Orange River alters from a wide slowly flowing river traversing sandy soils to a fast flowing narrow river cutting its way through ancient granites.
ON THIS SITE more about the Augrabies Waterfall and see more awesome pictures too! Follow the “Wildlife” link to read about Pangolins! Coelacanths – the African Fish Eagle -the Shangaan, the Xhosas, Shaka, the King of the Zulu, Sterkfontein Caves (a World Heritage site). Nongqawuse – Prophetess of Doom.The Xhosa people were almost led to commit suicide in the 1800’s by a fourteen-year-old ‘prophetess’; who claimed she had received a message from the ancestors.

Jasper visited Azerbaijan and if you click HERE you can see more pictures on his blog. Azerbaijan is a country I would like to visit – these Eastern European countries do attract me!
Rosalind  blogged about the Jewish concentration camps and inspired me to blog about  Anne Frank and the South African concentration camps.

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It’s more than a month since I’ve blogged some of my games… here’s a game which I really enjoyed. My opponent is a tough player and he didn’t make it easy for me to win this game. I played white in this game…..It was only from move 44 that things got a bit easier for me….He resigned in this game before I could checkmate him… We still have another game going, which is going to be a draw due to my position I’ve put myself in! It could be a win for me, but as I said in my other post this morning, you’ve got yourself to blame for those blunders and I would like to blog that game here once it’s finished for you to see what I’m talking about… if I was more vigilant, it could be my game…but, that’s chess and life…you’ve got to take it…or leave it..lol! Click on
THIS LINK to play through the two games. The link will open in a new window.

I’ve thought to blog this end position. I played this game against one of my blogger-friends and I was so much focused on what he tried to do….and…suddenly! wow! I realised my last move is all I needed!..Knight-to-the-rescue!! Clever…hey…lol! and just look at his position! … of course  needless to say I played white in this game. In this next game I played black. I don’t think my opponent saw the coming checkmate. I have left the moves, for you to follow, before he resigned.

1 e4 d5
2 exd5 Qxd5
3 Nc3 Qd8
4 d4 e6
5 Nf3 Bb4
6 Bd3 Bxc3+
7 bxc3 a6
8 Ba3 Bd7
9 O-O Bc6
10 Be2 Nf6
11 Ne5 Ne4
12 Nxc6 Nxc6
13 Qe1 Nf6
14 Rb1 Rb8
15 Bf3 Nd5
16 c4 Nb6
17 Bxc6+ bxc6
18 c5 Nd5
19 Rxb8 Qxb8
20 c4 Nf6
21 d5 cxd5
22 cxd5 Nxd5
23 c6 Qb5
24 Qc1 f6
25 Re1 Kf7
26 h4 e5
27 h5 h6
28 Kh2 Rb8
29 Qc2 Nf4
30 g4 Qd3
31 Qc5 Qh3+
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On the  chess sites where I’m playing… Chess.com and sometimes Chesscube.com,  I’ve found myself sometimes in good positions and sometimes in less favourable positions… when it comes to chess, the game and the outcome lies completely with you and nobody else. You can only blame yourself for any faults/mistakes/blunders. That’s why this is such a good game to play! You can’t blame team mates! You take that blame upon yourself…and learn from that. This first image is from  one of my “better” games, black was in such a good position too! Can you see why? On the next two images you can see why I, once again, like to have Knights on my board instead of Bishops…perhaps I’m just a bit better with Knights, I do prefer them more….knight.gif




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