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Friday night’s song! A beautiful song in Afrikaans…..enjoy the views around Cape Town! This song is about this guy saying his going home, she was alone long enough and he wants to be with her… worth listening for the rhythm too!

CD available HERE on Kalahari.net
Track Listing
Wanneer Kom Die Reen
Huis Toe
Siel Van ‘n Swerwer
Chain Around My Heart
Tyd Om Dankie Te Se
Break My Heart
Drome Van Gister
Elke Liewe Ding
Perfect In Your Eyes
‘N Lewe Saam Met My

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 Wilhem Steinitz (1836-1900) from Prague, Czech Republic, was the first official World Champion of chess. He was recognized as the world’s number one player in 1866, after he defeated Adolf Anderssen in a match, but it was not until he defeated his most powerful rival, Johannes Zukertort in their historic match of 1886 that he was recognized as the official champion. He defended his title twice against Mikhail Tchigorin and once against Isidor Gunsberg. He lost his title to Emanuel Lasker in 1894.

Steinitz lived in New York for several years, he changed his first name to “William” after he became an American citizen in 1888.

In the game below, Steinitz outplays his oponent Augustus Mongredien with high class style.

Wilhem Steinitz vs. Augustus Mongredien

Click HERE to see the article and to play through the game of Steinitz and Mongredien.

Read HERE more about him on Wikipedia.

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