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I always used to love the Greek singers’ music….Nana mouskouri, Vicky Leandros and Demmis Rossos…. I’ve chosen the music of Demmis for this weekend…so, enjoy with me….ok, I couldn’t resist Vicky’s songs too…so enjoy her songs too! “Verloren zijn we niet” was a hit in South Africa…she sings in Dutch!

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Hunt for success on Oslo
By Malcolm Pein
Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 08/02/2008

England has accepted a Nordic Challenge and will send a representative team to Oslo next week to take on teams from Norway, Sweden and Latvia. The matches will take place over ten boards, five men and five women.

The England men’s team will consist of four of the younger generation of GMs plus the experienced Peter Wells.

Men: GM Gawain Jones 2562; GM David Howell 2528; GM Peter Wells 2520; IM Stephen Gordon 2501; GM Stewart Haslinger 2495.

Women: IM Harriet Hunt 2457; Sabrina Chevannes 2074; Kanwal Bhatia 2054; Sarah Hegarty 1974; Amisha Parmar 1995.

It is heartening to see Harriet Hunt playing for England again and it is your correspondent’s fervent hope that England are able to field Harriet plus Jovanka Houska and Dagne Ciuksyte at the next Chess Olympiad and challenge for medals.

H Hunt – M Bezuch
4NCL Div1
Betsson.com v Slough Sharks
Ruy Lopez



Position after 24.Nh5!

24…g5 (24…g6 25.Nxh6 Bxh6 26.Bxh6 Nxb2 27.Bg7+ Kg8 28.Bf6 and a quick mate)

25.Be3 f6 26.Bd4 Re5 (Forced )

27.f4! gxf4 28.Qg6 (The entry of the queen decides)

28…Qe8 29.Qxf6+ Kh7 30.Nxf4 Rc7 31.Nxd6 Bxd6 32.Qxd6 Rce7 33.Bxe5 Rxe5 34.Ne6 1–0



Final position after 34.Ne6

From the opening into the pub

FK Volkmann – R Frosch
Austrian Bundesliga

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d6 3.Nc3 Be7 4.Nf3 Nf6 5.Bf4 0–0 6.Qd2 a6 7.Bd3 b5 8.e5 b4 9.exf6 bxc3 10.Bxh7+! Kxh7 (10…Kh8 11.Qxc3 Bxf6 12.Be4 Ra7 struggles on)

11.Qd3+ 1–0

Source CLICK HERE ….


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chessl.pngPlease click mkwpompeyfc vs. Nikita1 HERE to play through game 1.

I haven’t blogged any games for a while and thought to blog some games again…after the games of the African Juniors in Malawi and the Corus games….

In this first game I played black. My opponent resigned very early in the game when I used my Queen and Knight to check him. I would probably also resign in a game like this, but, I do tend to play till the end, because players  do make sometimes silly moves (that’s me) or  miss an opportunity and the game is yours….

Please click mkwpompeyfc vs. Nikita1 HERE to play through game 2.

In this game I played again black….the same player as in game 1 and 3… and he resigned in this game when he realised he’s going to lose his Queen. I love my Knights…- said that so many times before – and really enjoyed the way I used them in this game….

Please click Nikita1 vs. mkwpompeyfc HERE to play through game 3.

In this game I played white…a lot of “weaving” was going on in this game…. my Queen had a “royal time” just before my opponent  resigned…

Please click SNARF17WD vs. Nikita1 HERE to play through game 4.

In this game….- I played black -I think the end was really a surprise to my opponent..he didn’t expect the checkmate with my Rook and Bishop… and he was a real fighter and that’s what I like about most players….We both offered our Queens in this game too.

Please click TomSolo vs. Nikita1 HERE to play through game 5… a game which I lost! Well, that says it all…I played black…and it was a fantastic checkmate position for my King there! We both lost our Queens, but my opponent  got a pawn promoted.

Please click Nikita1 vs. Luc the Duke HERE to play through game 6…another lost! A fantastic end in this game. In all the games in this post, my opponents’ rating was slightly higher, but in this last game, it was about 300 more than mine… I do like to play players with a high rating, as that’s the way you learn more than players on your own level/strength or lower.

Kliek on boergt vs. Nikita1 hierdie link  om deur my en boertjie se game te speel! En hier kan julle ander bloggers sien hoe daardie boertjie in Korea my vertrap! Geniet dit! Die volgende spel is ook ons s’n, weereens ly ek in ons game! Geen genade word betoon, al is jy ‘n vrou!! lol! In albei games het ek swart gespeel…. en in die eerte game het ek so gesels dat ek nie eers gesien het dat daar ‘n mat aan die kom was nie!! hehehe…lekker kry hy nou natuurlik! Kliek op boergt vs. Nikita1 HIERDIE LINK om deur die game te speel tussen my en boertjie in Korea! Hy wil nie ons games blog nie, se dit lyk vir hom te veel na “brag”…wel, ek moet dan maar die “brag” hier namens hom doen! Hy hou hom verniet so “nederig”… ek kan net se hy is dit nie… hy sal jou in ‘n game vermorsel as hy kan…kyk net hier! lol!
As jy op Jasper_1 vs. Nikita1 HIERDIE LINK kliek, kan jy deur ‘n game speel van my en Jasper! waar ek ook swart gespeel het en deur hom vertrap is! (sug) hierdie manne wat se hulle kan nie skaak speel nie…of wat kom met verskonings soos “lank laas gespeel!”

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