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Congratulations  to :

Carmen de Jager

as  the

South African   Women’s  Closed  Chess  

Champion  2008!

2nd : Monique  Sischy

3rd : Anzel  Solomons


 On the picture…from left…Carmen, Anzel and Monique.


Click HERE for results on other rounds and a link to the official site.

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For Corus Chess 2009 Live please click on the link. The post you’re in now, is the 2008 Corus Chess and this link will take you to the Corus Chess 2009 Live link! Thank you!

The Corus Tournament is a true chess festival in Holland. Read on the links more and try follow the games of the Grand Masters and other players! In the top corner of my blog, – if you click on “home” – you will find the link to Corus Live Chess too!! The Corus logo is there too.

WATCH THE GAMES LIVE here on this red link! The first round starts today! – local time in Holland 1:30pm. Click on THIS link to go to the official site of Corus to read more.

Read on THIS link more where the table of group A comes from.


Schedule of grandmaster group A

Round 1 – Saturday the 12th
V. Kramnik – L. van Wely
T. Radjabov – A. Anand
S. Mamedyarov – M. Carlsen
P. Eljanov – P. Leko
M. Adams – B. Gelfand
L. Aronian – V. Topalov
V. Ivanchuk – J. Polgar

Round 2 – Sunday the 13th
L. van Wely – J. Polgar
V. Topalov – V. Ivanchuk
B. Gelfand – L. Aronian
P. Leko – M. Adams
M. Carlsen – P. Eljanov
A. Anand – S. Mamedyarov
V. Kramnik – T. Radjabov

Round 3 – Monday the 14th
T. Radjabov – L. van Wely
S. Mamedyarov – V. Kramnik
P. Eljanov – A. Anand
M. Adams – M. Carlsen
L. Aronian – P. Leko
V. Ivanchuk – B. Gelfand
J. Polgar – V. Topalov

Round 4 – Tuesday the 15th
L. van Wely – V. Topalov
B. Gelfand – J. Polgar
P. Leko – V. Ivanchuk
M. Carlsen – L. Aronian
A. Anand – M. Adams
V. Kramnik – P. Eljanov
T. Radjabov – S. Mamedyarov

Round 5 – Thursday the 17th
S. Mamedyarov – L. van Wely
P. Eljanov – T. Radjabov
M. Adams – V. Kramnik
L. Aronian – A. Anand
V. Ivanchuk – M. Carlsen
J. Polgar – P. Leko
V. Topalov – B. Gelfand

Round 6 – Friday the 18th
L. van Wely – B. Gelfand
P. Leko – V. Topalov
M. Carlsen – J. Polgar
A. Anand – V. Ivanchuk
V. Kramnik – L. Aronian
T. Radjabov – M. Adams
S. Mamedyarov – P. Eljanov

Round 7 – Saturday the 19th
P. Eljanov – L. van Wely
M. Adams – S. Mamedyarov
L. Aronian – T. Radjabov
V. Ivanchuk – V. Kramnik
J. Polgar – A. Anand
V. Topalov – M. Carlsen
B. Gelfand – P. Leko

Round 8 – Sunday the 20th
L. van Wely – P. Leko
M. Carlsen – B. Gelfand
A. Anand – V. Topalov
V. Kramnik – J. Polgar
T. Radjabov – V. Ivanchuk
S. Mamedyarov – L. Aronian
P. Eljanov – M. Adams

Round 9 – Tuesday the 22nd
M. Adams – L. van Wely
L. Aronian – P. Eljanov
V. Ivanchuk – S. Mamedyarov
J. Polgar – T. Radjabov
V. Topalov – V. Kramnik
B. Gelfand – A. Anand
P. Leko – M. Carlsen

Round 10 – Wednesday the 23rd
L. van Wely – M. Carlsen
A. Anand – P. Leko
V. Kramnik – B. Gelfand
T. Radjabov – V. Topalov
S. Mamedyarov – J. Polgar
P. Eljanov – V. Ivanchuk
M. Adams – L. Aronian

Round 11 – Friday the 25th
L. Aronian – L. van Wely
V. Ivanchuk – M. Adams
J. Polgar – P. Eljanov
V. Topalov – S. Mamedyarov
B. Gelfand – T. Radjabov
P. Leko – V. Kramnik
M. Carlsen – A. Anand

Round 12 – Saturday the 26th
L. van Wely – A. Anand
V. Kramnik – M. Carlsen
T. Radjabov – P. Leko
S. Mamedyarov – B. Gelfand
P. Eljanov – V. Topalov
M. Adams – J. Polgar
L. Aronian – V. Ivanchuk

Round 13 – Sunday the 27th
V. Ivanchuk – L. van Wely
J. Polgar – L. Aronian
V. Topalov – M. Adams
B. Gelfand – P. Eljanov
P. Leko – S. Mamedyarov
M. Carlsen – T. Radjabov
A. Anand – V. Kramnik

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