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Sannie passed away!

sannie.jpgI’m angry and upset, because of my previous post! I’m upset/sad, because I’ve received an email and I was informed by my sister from SA that one of our dearest childhood friends, Sannie,  passed away on Saturday morning. We grew up on a farm. Sannie was one of three sisters – but Sannie and Sarah, the two youngest, were our  BEST friends on the farm, almost like  own sisters.  We played together like sisters would do. We shared our sad feelings, happy feelings, our thoughts, jokes, sweets,  dolls/toys everything! We climbed the mountains on the farm together!! We drove even tracktors and tried racing with it!!  We played hopscotch!!  We played football in the dusty road with neighbouring black kids. Sarah was the funniest of the two and always full of jokes and crazy ideas. We stayed in contact during all these years. We still don’t know what was the cause of her passing away. The funeral is this coming Saturday and two of my sisters will be going. I wish I could go too. We went on holiday in July/Aug and I visited her on the farm….after about 10  years!! So, I was “just in time”… Luckily, I took pictures of her during our visit this time and I’m glad that I’d seen her at least one more time and could give her some presents too. She  worked for the neighbour next door on the farm where I grew up.  She was still young. I really feel sad!!

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