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I named these two games…. “The Wild Queens”…… in both games..against the same player in the same tournament…4-play-all…. I felt that this player should have waited a little bit longer before moving around so wildly with her Queen…and yes, this player  is also a female player with a rating slightly lower than mine. I see these two games really as more of my “silly” games as I was more chased by a hyper Queen and couldn’t really focus on any strategy….  She didn’t move her Queen so “wildly” in the first game as such. In fact,  I had to gather my wits  to avoid all her sneaky moves! …the end was really quite a traumatic  end for her King, I think! hehe.. I really like the checkmate  in this first game! I played black in the first game and white in the second game! In these two games you get to see why it is important to plan your moves and to have a strategy….not that I always have that….you will notice that I don’t have it at all in these two games. My only plan here was to get rid of those hyper-pieces and to play chess! hehe..

Please click jerb vs. Nikita1 HERE to play through the first game that will open in a new window.

In this second game  she annoyed me very much with her Queen and Bishop! I got so annoyed…hehehe…with her Queen that I even offered my Queen by capturing hers, just to get rid of her Queen! What  a joke! She unfortunately lost her one Rook  unnecessary…..and in this game you realise how mighty those tiny little Pawns can be!! I pushed her by using my Pawn and  I even offered her my one Rook! which she “rejected” and I got my Pawn promoted to checkmate her and she lost her other Rook of course in the process.  I don’t like  playing  with my Queen so “wildly” as I know it’s just a matter of time…and she’s gone….but sometimes you have to be the risky-type! You might wonder why I didn’t en passant her in this game…well, that was to block her! You don’t always have to en passant….it all depends on your “plan of action”…

 Click on Nikita1 vs. jerb THIS link to play through the 2nd game.

Hey! and if you don’t know what the picture with the funny men is all about, then you have to read a bit about it HERE!
and enjoy!
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