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SkyNews –

Firefighters appear to have contained a fire which has ripped through the top floor of a world famous London hospital leaving patients and staff desperately trying to flee the flames.

It is believed some patients, who were undergoing surgery, had to remain in operating theatres and others who were gravely ill had their rooms filled with smoke.

All of the patients and staff have now been taken to safety.

The roof of the Royal Marsden hospital was engulfed in flames with smoke visible for miles around.

Police have closed off all roads leading to the hospital building.

Some patients were laid on mattresses in an ambulance area on a nearby street, with nursing staff in attendance.
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Cancer hospital evacuated after fire
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This was really a tough-ish game. I played black  and it is  part of a knockout tourney I’m playing and I really tried my best to play a good game….My opponent is a bit stronger than I am and I really must say, since I’m playing friendlies against players with ratings between 1800 and 2500, my chess has really improved a lot…In this game you will once again see how useful it is to have a Knight…I just LOVE them!!   You will see in move 16 how I sacrificed my Bishop –  instead of my Knight…as I really do like Knights more…I’ve said that in a previous game-post too! You can just look at the end-position, where my opponent resigned, WHY I LIKE my Knights!! At move 21 he missed the opportunity to capture my Rook, but perhaps he didn’t want to! From move 37, this game was really tight! Move 39…..I think he tried me out for a draw, but I didn’t fall for it after I realised  what he was trying! Move 44! A real blunder, I think! Move 56 and on…very tight!  I even offered my Queen in this game with move 59 when I checked him! Enjoy it!
Please click hutch28 vs. Nikita1 HERE to view the game. It will open in a new window.
On THIS LINK you can read about “blunders” in chess and read about Grandmasters’ blunders.

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Mince Pies

This is really something which I LOVE!! Mince pies  served with evaporated milk! I really miss “Ideal Milk” from back home…but never mind…I still enjoy it with whatever evaporated milk is available! even without it, these mince pies are really great! When I eat them – no….not eat..gobble!! —- I usually enjoy them the most being a bit heated…not too much…just a few secs in the micro…. if you want to treat me, especially during Christmas time, treat me with mince pies! At the bottom of the post, there’s a link with a recipe…hope you can make some of your own! And….it’s not mince meat! like in “mince beef”!

Click HERE for a recipe about mince pies!
Mincemeat is not mince meat….like in ….. beef! but….
rich vine fruits cherries and almonds that are soaked in dark Rum. Versatile throughout the year for puddings, pies or to liven up Ice Cream.

Picture of mincemeat got from this site here.


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