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 This is a pyramid-game. I’m still on level 2 after this game, as my opponent (who challenged me) was on level 1,  therefore, I stay on my level and only move up in the pyramid when I beat a player on a higher level. I played black in this game and at one stage this game just felt too long!….. my opponent preferred to resign when he realised there was no way out! I made a move with my Knight and hoped that he would capture my Knight with his Queen,  so I could make the final devastating checkmate move(s)!

Please click ant.com vs. Nikita1 HERE to play through the game which will open in a new window.

AND…if you click Bouncy vs. Nikita1 HERE you can see what a SILLY move I made before the final checkmate in this game!! – I played black…. – This is what usually happens to me when I’m in a hurry, when I don’t spend enough time to make sure! and that happens quite often!! This game could have been a won for me…but…I don’t have to say more…check it out yourself…hehehehe… — a new window will open when you click on the link —-

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