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Chess Love

Chess Love

A game where I played black – and my opponent has decided to resign.

update: this is an old post updated as the link to my blogger-blog didn’t have the chess game anymore – I removed it quite awhile ago..

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d3 h6 4.Nc3 Bg4 5.h3 Bxf3 6.Qxf3 Nf6 7.b3 Nc6 8.Ba3 Nd4 9.Qd1 c5 10.Bb2 Nc6 11.Be2 Be7 12.O-O O-O 13.Qd2 Nd7 14.Nd5 Bg5 15.Qd1 b5 16.Bg4 Ndb8 17.Nc3 b4 18.Nb5 a6 19.Nxd6 Qxd6 20.c3 Bf6 21.Bf3 Ra7 22.cxb4 Nxb4 23.Ba3 N4c6 24.Qd2 a5 25.Qc2 Be7 26.Bxc5 Qc7 27.Bxa7 Qxa7 28.Bg4 Nd4 29.Qc3 Bb4 30.Qc4 Rd8 31.Rac1 g6 32.h4 h5 33.Bh3 Ba3 34.Rb1 Rd6 35.Qc8+ Kg7 36.Qe8 Rf6 37.Qxe5 Be7 38.Qd5 Ne2+ 39.Kh2 Nc3 40.Qe5 Bd6 41.Qxd6 Rxd6 42.Rbc1 Rxd3 43.f3 Qc7+ 44.Kh1 Qe5 45.a3 Ne2 46.Rc2 Ng3+ 47.Kg1 Nxf1 48.Kxf1 Rd1+ 49.Kf2 Qa1 50.Kg3 Qxa3 51.Rc3 Qd6+ 52.f4 Qd4 53.Rf3 Qxe4 54.Bc8 Rh1 55.b4 Qe1+ 56.Rf2 axb4 57.Bb7 b3 58.Bd5 b2 59.Ba2 Nc6

This is the final position on the board.


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When reading this poem about the moth…it reminded me about the poem written by one of our best poets/writers: C J Langenhoven. he also wrote “The Call of South Africa” our National Anthem. (You can listen to it in Afrikaans and English, it is somewhere on my blog…). If you know the Dutch language, or even Flemish, you would be able to follow it in Afrikaans, as Dutch is the “Mother” language of Afrikaans. Read more about Afrikaans HERE

The Moth

The moth toward the orb he flew,
In ever ascending spirals.
And in his harmonic mind there grew,
A feeling of sad tranquility.
For the destination was in sight,
As the ending of the day.
And even as his mind it merged,
so the atmosphere his body purged,
Until he faded and became one,
Unknown and unnoticed by each,
But not all.
Read more about Langenhoven here.
(the moth and the candle)
~~CJ Langenhoven
Die ander motte is dom en dwaas,
maar ék sal ver van die kers af bly.
Hier uit die skemerte sal ek kyk,
want hier is dit veilig en kyk is vry.
Maar ek hoef nie van een kant af net te kyk,
ek vlieg ‘n wye sirkel om,
dan weet ek van alkant af hoe hy lyk,
om beter te sorg om nie nader te kom.

My sirkel was skeef en ingebuig,
maar daar ook waar ek die naaste was,
het niks gebeur,
ek maak verniet
my sirkel so groot en so ver van die as.
Die wieletjie draai al vinniger om,
die lig en die gloed word al groter genot.
Die velling word nouer al rondom
die die end van die wiel,
is die as van ‘n mot!
The moth in this poem basically thought he won’t be so foolish like the other moths. He would stay away from the flame. But, then he narrows his orb and goes faster and faster…..and all that was left…some ashes!

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Click on the images for larger views ….
Trip to Edinburgh to the Botanical Gardens, called the glass houses. You will find  biomes from different parts of the world. On the first two pictures you can clearly see plants from South Africa. 

Edinburgh is a clean city and easy to get around. I would love to go and live there. The place looks so ‘calm’ and everybody seems to be very happy to live in such a ‘quiet’ place.

On this page you can visit the Edinburgh Botanic Garden and there is a pic of the Palm house.

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Chess Love

Chess Love


Click HERE to play through the game! The link will open in a new window. The game is on my blogger-site and WordPress didn’t import it when I moved my blog.
In this game…I played black…my opponent’s rating was about 350 ahead of mine! It wasn’t a tourney….he invited me and I “warned” him that I’ve previously beaten guys with higher ratings…all just in a joke!! (although it is the truth…!) and I waited so long to make that ONE important move!!….I even offered my one rook to him!! …..check out my queen move I was waiting for!….. this was really good!!

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In a double blow for the French, English sportsmen have beaten them in the Rugby World Cup semi-final – and the World Conker Championship.
Ady Hurrell, from Whittlesey in Cambs was victorious over Frenchman John Ingram in the final in Northamptonshire. Train driver Mr Hurrell, 36, needed just two shots to smash the nut of his competitor. The annual event attracted over 300 entrants to the village of Ashton, near Oundle. Of those, 13 were listed as French. Contestants travelled to the UK for the 42-year-old event from as far afield as the US, Brazil, Canada and the Ukraine.

Source: here ….

Op hierdie twee foto’s van my wat ek in die park hier naby geneem het, kan die saad gesien word waarmee hulle hierdie kompetisies hou. Dit is van die Horse Chestnut tree. Die saad is kliphard. Aan die boom se tak kan jy die groen stekelrige omhulsel sien wat met die tyd verbruin. Klein kindertjies is soms gek oor die sade, alhoewel hulle nie regtig daarmee speel nie. Min Britte weet regtig hoe om die tradisionele spel te speel (of “sport”) en dit word selde na die kinders oorgedra.

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Click HERE to play through the game!
In this game, I played black. My opponent’s rating was slightly higher than mine…about 50+….look at the last 3-4 moves!!! He ended up with TWO queens!! He resigned before my final checkmate move!! hehehe…

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Small road to the park


Horses near the park

Yesterday I was on my bike in the park close to where we live. While riding around the park, I couldn’t help being touched by all the different colours of Autumn! My best season is Autumn, because of all the changes. So many changes are taking place and I was cross with myself for not having my camera with me, but here’s some photos I took last week.

Autumn days are here again!
In autumn when the trees are brown
The little leaves come tumbling down
They do not make the slightest sound
But lie so quietly on the ground
Until the wind comes puffing by
And blows them off towards the sky.
The winds will blow their own freshness into you,
and the storms their energy,
while cares will drop away from you
like the leaves of Autumn.
by John Muir

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