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See on THIS LINK , on my blog, more pictures about the Blyde River Canyon and also a full picture of the Tufa Waterfall and…a movie…with some of my hols photos about the area where the waterfall is!

When we’d gone on the boat trip on the Blyde River (“Blyde” means “joy”), we were told by the guide that this tufa waterfall has the shape of a face. That is so true, we could really see the “face” , that’s why this tufa waterfall is called the “Weeping/Crying Tufa”, it literally looks like it’s crying…you can only see this waterfall when you go on the boat trip! If you watch this movie …you will see it!
The fall is about 43m and that makes it the 3rd longest in the world. Incidentally, the Blyde River Canyon is also the third largest in the world! (read my other posts about the Blyde River Canyon by following the labels). 1. Grand Canyon 2. Fish River Canyon (Namibia)
The Blyde River Canyon is the greenest Canyon in the world.
A tufa waterfall is formed when water running over dolomite rock absorbs calcium. Mosses which grow on the rocks in the stream extract carbon dioxide during photosynthesis which precipitates the calcium from the water to deposit it as layers of tufa on the surface of the waterfall – a process that takes millions of years. The waterfall continue to flow underneath this rock-hard outer shell. There are only a few active tufa waterfalls in the world – one of which is at the Blyderivierspoort Dam.

I think this is perhaps what an ant sees when it looks up!
And now, the best part of all, that’s ME! Say hello…..! I was looking for some scraps and hoping the people in the car would throw me something! In particular the lady! She was so friendly to me, I really thought she was gonna throw me something…heard words like….ahw….hungry…poor thingy….look….siestog….arme ding!

Follow this link HERE and you will NOT regret it! The MOST spectacular pictures I’ve seen on the web from these places!! Do yourself a favour!!

This is part of the Canyon!

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Round 6….Anand and Leko live chess.

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I love the bit where the crowd joins in with the Anthem in Afrikaans! I can imagine how proud they felt when singing it…you can hear it! And I feel proud of the South Africans over there!! Well done you lot!! You do us proud!!

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Follow this link and play through the game of Kramnik and Leko..
Kramnik and other chess players’ games.

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PHNOM PENH (Reuters) – Khmer Rouge “Brother Number Two” Nuon Chea, Pol Pot’s top surviving henchman, was arrested on Wednesday at his house on the Thai border and taken to Phnom Penh to face the U.N. “Killing Fields” tribunal for the first time.
A terse, two-sentence statement by the $56 million (28 million pound) court said the octogenarian communist guerrilla would “be informed of the charges which have been brought against him” — in all likelihood genocide or crimes against humanity.
Nuon Chea was arrested by a squad of Cambodian special forces soldiers, police and Western security guards who surrounded his small wooden home in a forest on the Thai border.
He was questioned inside for a short time before being taken away by helicopter and flown to Phnom Penh.
“My dad seems to have no worries, but my mother is worried about him,” his son, Nuon Say, told Reuters
Read further on
THIS LINK about the Khmer Rouge and I posted a few days ago also about them….

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This was last year’s championships…check out these games of Kramnik and Topalov on this site, games are interactive.

“People have been playing against me below their strength for fifteen years.” — Bobby Fischer

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Boylston chess

SammourHasbun – Smith after 19.Bxa6
White seeks to undermine Black’s control of d5.If 19…Bxa6, then 20.g5

Boylston Chess Club Weblog

I was really surprised to find my blog linked to Boylston Chess Club and feel honoured! I think this site is really a good site and very extensive….a must to check out…and there are a lot of good links on the blog…sorry, my Tufa waterfall has to wait a bit…

Have a great day!

‘n Volk wat sy verlede voortdurend voor hou, en ‘n volk wat sy helde eer, is ‘n gesonde volk.
Mag dit ook van die Boere
Afrikaners van ons dag gesê word.

A nation looking back constantly at its history and a nation honouring its heroes, is a healthy nation. May it be said from the Boer-Afrikaner nation!

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